Great Products

☑ Don’t let the low prices fool you, we offer top quality game and voice servers! Whether it’s a popular or a rare game, we got you covered. You will have full control over your server and its files with the control pane.

Great Support

✉ We like to keep things close and personal with our customers. That means that besides ‘traditional’ ways of getting help (ticket system, email), we also provide fast support through your favorite IM services.

Easy Payment

💰 We offer a large amount of payment options including various crypto currencies. We also offer the ‘group pay’ option which lets you effortlessly crowd fund your services, with your clan or friends.

Happy gamers

❤ SimRai has met the needs of hundreds of people, clans communities and eSports teams. Who are they? To learn more about this, have a look at our portfolio and the customer testimonies!

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