New location. Viva la France!

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Hello all,

It’s been a while, but we have some lovely news!
We have been ever-growing thanks to your support and your mouth-to-mouth advertising.
Therefore we can expand SimRai a little bit and we’re doing this to facilitate the more southern Europeans.

Starting today we have a new location in France; Paris to be more precise.
Existing clients can create a ticket if they want their server moved to France instead of Netherlands;
New clients can just go through the order process and pick another datacenter!

I also have a little request;
Could all the clients that have not done so leave us a little testimonial?
We can put that on the website, this would really help out new clients to see that we are legit and reliable.
You can mail, use the contactform on the website or create a ticket for this too.

Thanks all, happy gaming!