Progress Report!

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SimRai So Far

Just a quick blog post to fill some space and let everyone know how it’s going, SimRai has been growing amazingly since it started and we here at SimRai are eternally grateful to our clients/customers for this. As stated, the purpose behind the creation of SimRai was to provide affordable and reliable game-server hosting, we believe we are achieving this at the moment as one of the cheapest and reliable hosts within Europe, we may only be small still, but we are growing.

At the moment we have ordered yet another new server so that we can continue to grow and provide the affordable hosting that we currently provide. As always we would love to hear from our current and potential customers on how you feel we could improve, improving is one of our main focuses right now, we have yet to receive a complaint but nobody is perfect! If you have any suggestions you can reach us via Social Media, or if you’d just like to help us spread the word and promote SimRai:

As well as on our steam page!

– Alex Envy