On this page you can read about the involvement of SimRai in eSports related projects.

SimRai Gaming

CS:GO Pro Team

SimRai Gaming is a highly skilled team consisting mostly of Scandinavian players. They play CS:GO and do an incredible job at it. We are very proud to sponsor them and have them carry our name.


eSports organization

SimRai was the official sponsor of Eastern-Europe based talent scouting group and eSports team by the name of GameAgents. We supported their undertakings in a variety of games during the first half of 2014.

ESL Romania

eSports league

SimRai was the official sponsor of the late early 2014 Romanian ESL cup for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It was our pleasure to provide the prestigious ESL organization with what they needed to run a succesful cup.

Fenneks eSports

eSports organization

Fenneks is a fantastic much awarded eSports team that was founded way back in 2003, but has gone through much development since. SimRai proudly has been sponsoring Fenneks since 2013.

Splendid Gaming

eSports Community

Splendid Gaming was a multi gaming community with eSports ambitions. SimRai had a successful partnership with this community, involving sponsorship and some other logistic assistance. This took place between 2013 and 2014.