Here you can read about various project that were sponsored by SimRai Hosting.


TF2 Community

TF2Pickup provides an interesting and laid back place for fun games between TF2 competition players that do not have a competition to play in currently. It’s been around for a while and SimRai became involved when in 2013 the community’s former sponsor started getting flakey. SimRai is now happily providing this unique community with their necessary game servers.

Serbian Armed Forces

ArmA Community

The Serbian Armed Forces clan and community are an international gaming community centered around ArmA 2 gaming in a balkan theme. The community has also created the Serbian Armed Forces mod for ArmA 2, and SimRai has the pleasure of providing them with webhosting and some ArmA 2 servers.

Order of the LowLands

M&B:WB Clan

The OLL clan is a currently a multi gaming clan that originates from the Mount & Blade warband series. When the clan lost its ability to sustain its own servers, SimRai stepped in to keep the tradition alive. SimRai now hosts the website aswell as the Mount & Blade Warband servers for the OLL clan.

IOS: Source

HL2 Mod

IOSS is a first and third person online multiplayer soccer game that aims to be the online equivalent of great console soccer games but with a true multiplayer teamplay experience. IOSS features a wide range of international football stadia clubs and teams. Many of them based on reality. IOSS requires Valve’s ‘SDK Base’ and Steam. SimRai is the official sponsor of IOSS.

Warband Role Play

M&B:WB Mod

Warband Role Play is a large community based mod for the game Mount & Blade Warband that has been officially sponsored by SimRai since it was called Swadian Role Play. WRP creates an immersive online medieval society in which anyone can participate to embark on an interesting journey of character development and medieval intrigue. For this it requires high performance around the clock and a complicated software configuration. SimRai has always sufficed in all the needs.

the Kingdom of Swadia

M&B:WB Clan

During the time it ran, the Kingdom of Swadia clan for Mount & Blade Warband hosted a large number of servers, amongst which disputably the most popular duel server Warband has ever known. SimRai was the official sponsor of The Kingdom of Swadia clan from start to end and hosted besides the duel server also their private training server and several public servers, always to satisfaction.

Naruto Role Play

HL1 Mod

Back when the HL 1 mod The Specialists was still extremely popular, hundreds of people role played on it extensively. Several different role play systems emerged for The Specialists, one of them was the very unique one called ‘Naruto Role Play’. This mod created an environment that for its time was quite revolutionary, allowing its players to role play freely in a world based on the popular anime Naruto. Great fun it was, and SimRai had the pleasure of providing with the server hosting.