Welcome to SimRai!

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Rai here, the latter part in the company’s name. Me and Simon (The first half!) started this game hosting company; Mainly because we’ve already been doing this for friends and so an idea sparked, developing into a refreshing approach to game hosting itself. Between us we have nearly two decades of game and community hosting experience that will play a vital role in being able to help maintain the highest quality of customer help.

Why are we doing this you ask? We’re gamers ourselves and understand what gamers want;  cheap but quality servers with high customize-ability. Our smart setup allows us to charge very little and the minimal profit goes straight back into improving our services to set new standards and cope with what the future will demand from us.

SimRai can now be considered opened to the public, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do and are eager to hear your thoughts and feedback on our exciting venture.

Need help? Shout out!

We use a ticket system for customers where any queries can be answered as soon as we are available. For those looking to host a sever, but who require some more help or want their questions answered, it is also easy to reach us through the contact button in the navigation bar above. The best part? We like staying up late too and are not afraid of helping you out at more unusual times if we can. Using chat to communicate will make things even easier.

Don’t see a game listed?

We try to have as many games as possible available, adding new ones constantly, but it may be possible that you’ve heard of a game we haven’t got yet! We’re still able to host it for you though! Just let us know which game you would like a server and we will have it setup with in no time.